Private & Group Lessons


Elena and Ramon teach couples, small groups, large groups, and solo private lessons to individuals wanting to learn a particular style of dance.  They have a large range of dance styles they offer (see below for a complete list).  If the style you want to learn is not listed, please contact them!  They will most likely know the basics of that particular style you are looking for.  If you are hoping to book a wedding party or wedding preparation classes, please refer to the wedding page

$120 per hour for a large group (minimum 7 people)

$90 per Hour for couple/small group (maximum 6 people)

$105 per 1.5 hour solo private lesson (1 person)

$70 per hour for solo private lesson (1 person)  

$55 per 45 min solo private lesson (ideal for children under the age of 12)

Packages are available with a 10% discount on the total for any type of private lesson

Select "Book Your Private Lesson" to book with Elena and/or Ramon for a Private Lesson with the style of your choice!